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‘K2K’- Kashmir to Kanyakumari- a distance of approximately 4000 kms. in 30 days - Released on February 2014

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    Two young lads.
    A wager with friends.

    Fire in the belly.
    Two good bikes.
    No sponsorship.
    No back-up.


    4000 kms. in 27 days.

    The story of Jaydeep Shinde and Sanket Deshmukh could well be summarized in these few lines.

    But, the feat that these two youths in their early 20s have achieved is worth a generous praise and
    an inspiration to many.
    On 10th November 2013 Jaydeep & Sanket with a group of friends went on a cycle trip to a hill
    station about 120 kms. from their city of Pune. The bikes they used were simple steel frame basic
    cycles, borrowed from friends. Jaydeep and Sanket and their friends could barely reach their
    destination on the bikes and had to seek the help of a truck to haul in their bikes and hitch a ride in
    the last few kilometres.

    Their plight fired up a debate within the friends as how people can sustain long distance cycling
    tours and the kind of physical fitness and good equipment needed to achieve such feats. The friends
    inferred that none of them had the ability to take up any such journey. A spontaneous
    challenge was triggered in the minds of Jaydeep and Sanket and they dared to
    attempt such a feat. After being ridiculed for a while, they took up a wager with their
    friends – a wager to ride from ‘K2K’- Kashmir to Kanyakumari- a distance of
    approximately 4000 kms. in 30 days. What was to be won, a treat to a Falooda – a
    kind of Desert.

    Jaydeep & Sanket set on to work on this impulsive challenge.
    Chalked out the route. Had no bikes, had no funds and their
    families were reluctant to endorse their attempt. But they
    were determined. They sought help from a professional
    cyclist friend who advised them on re. a bike which would be
    capable for this tour and directed them towards our bike
    store. The only bike that could fit in their super stretched
    budget was the Bergamont Helix 2.3. A quick test-ride,
    convinced them that this was to be their winning horse.
    Having equipped the bikes with the bare minimum
    accessories, the lads took home their butt burners. The day
    was November 27, 2013. Next was to fill up their backpacks
    with 2 pairs of clothing, a tent, basic bike tools, a pair of
    spare tubes. That was it! Jaydeep had 15 kilos on his back
    and 8 kilos with Sanket, the boys landed in Srinagar on 1st
    December 2013. Their goal was to be back with friends in
    Pune for the new year’s party.


    Having unpacked &
    assembled their bikes, the
    only people to flag them off
    on their adventurous trail
    were the ‘Jawans’ from the
    Indian Army (who still man
    the streets of Srinagar)



    Well, the wager with friends was just a trigger for taking up this venture. But, Jaydeep & Sanket

    didn’t want to travel from
    the northern boundary of
    India to southern tip without
    a cause. They decided to
    spread the awareness of an
    eco-friendly lifestyle,
    minimize usage of plastics,
    saving fuel and promote
    cycling. They visited schools
    and colleges on their way
    and shared their thoughts
    with the ‘tomorrow’ of India.


    In most villages, the schools didn’t
    even have a building and were run
    in open air where the kids had
    never seen a map, didn’t know
    where Kashmir was or
    Kanyakumari. The boundaries of
    their village was their world





    It was not just the young ones who were inspired by J & S but, a Car dealer in Hoshiarpur, gathered
    all his employees and resolved that once a week all the employees would cycle to work.

    The boys didn’t miss any opportunity to catch a flavour of the
    local lifestyle.












    Constant Companions…………










    It would have been a surprise if
    there wasn’t a puncture on the
    Indian roads, but apart from few
    flats, the bikes proved their solid





    The trouble
    free ride
    had the
    when their
    was just a


    Jaydeep and Sanket had aimed to complete the 3800 kilometre ride in 30 days. On the 26th day they
    had reached Dindigul, 300 kms. away from their destination. They still had 4 days in hand but were
    getting impatient to complete their journey. Jaydeep was determined to see the sunrise in
    Kanyakumari and without a stop-over rode for 22 hours over 300 kilometres and reached
    Kanyakumari on 29th December 2013 at 4.00 am.
    The achievement of having riden a distance of 3800 kms. from Srinagar at 1730 meters above sea
    level to sea at Kanyakumari in 27 days was ……………. worth blocking the road ☺



    The locals were
    in awe to hear
    the story of
    these boys and
    showered their
    appreciation on
    to these





    ………….and at home the heroes had a simple traditional welcome but the family couldn’t hide the
    immense pride in their achievement.

    In the recent past India has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Through their journey
    Jaydeep & Sanket stayed over in temples and mosques, tented in open spaces and were hosted by
    many who themselves barely had a shanty to live in.
    When Jaydeep & Sanket were asked to express their feelings ,they said they were convinced that the
    slogan for Indian Tourism –“ Incredible India” is entirely true in its meaning; the humanity
    experienced was rare, strangers were ready to help in any situation, they were never way-laid,
    robbed, abused or threatened in any form over the 4000 kms. and least but not the last they have
    re-discovered the joys of cycling and are full of praise for their trusted BERGAMONT Helix 2.3.
    We look forward to the story of their journey from the West to East India, which they plan in 2015 …
    Mihir Gogte - Ozone Ventures, Pune - India