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Most people would have used cycles during their childhood, to get to school, to a friend’s home, or on an adventurous outing. Once we get used to the comfort of motorbikes and cars, bicycles are relegated to the darkest corner of the storeroom.

We went through a similar story. During a coastal cycling trip in Konkan – Maharashtra in 2009, our perception underwent radical change. Cycling used to be a chore, something to be endured. On this trip, we made the transition to enjoyment and exhilaration. With these new generation bikes, cycling suddenly became fun. These bikes were lighter, smoother, more comfortable, and the more you rode them, the further you seemed to want to ride.

Ozone Ventures is a hobby born out of passion for cycling and a desire to make available the best cycles from around the world to the discerning cycle enthusiasts in India.